Conditions of Use : HARUKI YUKIMURA , The world of Japanese bondage, BDSM , Sadist&masochist , binds with the rope

Conditions of Use : HARUKI YUKIMURA , The world of Japanese bondage, BDSM , Sadist&masochist , binds with the rope
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Conditions of Use

Crossone Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said, "Our company") is as follows of the use of the site (Hereafter, it is said, "This site") that our company manages. 「It ..agreement for use (.. is said this rule as follows. )」Is provided.

Article 1(registration)

After it agrees, the one of the applicant for use on this site to register the member is a content of this rule. It has the completion of registration and the applicant for use on this site becomes this site member (Hereafter, it is said, "User").

Article 2(user)

This site is the one that only the adult (individual who has reached an adult age in 18 years old or more or judicial jurisdiction to which it resides) who hoped for the access to a sexual image, the language, and the voice that belongs to adult or pornography was made for the object. The nude and the character and conduct doing must not be described in the theme in this site, and the adult who doesn't hope for the display of the individual or such a content that doesn't reach an adult age in 17 years old or less or judicial jurisdiction to which it resides must not access this.

The user declares the standard and the law concerning a customs system media in an own local society that resides are understood, and the inspection of the sending and receiving of the adult image on this site doesn't violate such standard and a law. Moreover, the user declares this site to be not responsible at all for demanding, receiving, and processing the theme of this site, and agrees to the rule of this agreement.

It is prohibited to notify and to transfer ID and the password from which the user was issued by the user to the third party. A member concerned carries of compensation for damages when the ID password is notified, transferred to the third party or it leaks to the third party. It is prohibited to sell again, to share, to E-mail, to transmit, and to mail the image and the animation used for the person on duty class. When the act in contradiction to this is done, a member concerned carries of compensation for damages.

Article 3(point)

The point can be acquired by buying it, and can be consumed by downloading the commodity. Our company has the consumption point of the acquisition condition and contents and the right to change freely is possessed at any time. It is considered that the user accepts the change when he or she continuously uses this site after the presence of the change is regularly confirmed to the acquisition condition and the consumption point, and such a change is presented.

The bought point is not restored irrespective of the reason at all.

When acquisition and the use of the point by user's illegal act come to light, our company assumes the one that the claim on the charge and compensation for damages can be claimed.

Article 4(range of our responsibility)

Our company is a sales price the upper bound only of the direct loss etc. when damage is caused in the user based on the hiding barrel wounds such as the reason or commodities that should be returned to our blame for the commodity etc. that our company has sold the user and responds in damages.

Our company assumes the one that it is not guaranteed not to receive damage with the harmful program such as the computer viruses etc. when the user uses this site.

The one of our company that the operation guarantee is not done at all is any equipment, and software used when the user uses this site.

The one of our company not borne at all is communication cost generated when the user uses this site.

It extends at the period according to the use period of the remainder when using this site for a long term of seven days or more becomes impossible due to the trouble etc. of the server machine. However, the response decrease that originates in a specific server load at time zone and the increase of traffic is assumed to be the one not included in this.

Our company might change the content of the service of this site without a previous notice, add new service beforehand, stop part or all of service temporarily, and end. As a result, even when the disadvantage or damage occurs in the member, our company doesn't assume the responsibility at all.

This article is the one having provided for all of our responsibility to the user, and our company assumes the one that damage that there are no regulations in user's passive damages, indirect damage, special damage, legal fee, and other this articles is not compensated in every situation.

Article 5(change in written report matter etc.)

The user applies and assumes the one reported to our appropriating without the delay by a prescribed style to side when there is a change in the matter reported to our company.

It is assumed the one considered to be an attainment of the notification from our company when it is necessary to usually reach the user by sending it to the where to make contact based on the written report matter registered by our company.

Article 6(handling of individual information)

Our company uses user's individual information by the following purposes.
  • (1) User information management
  • (2) When service that needs the member registration is used, work like the member registration etc. is simplified.
  • (3) Notification of necessary matter in this Web site management
  • (4) And, third party's commodity etc. are advertised, advertised, and sales are solicited
    (It is assumed the one by E-mail including the one).
  • (5) For various inquiries and after-sales services
  • (6) Execution of campaign and questionnaire
  • (7) Service development that investigates, analyzes marketing data, and is new
  • (8) And, the statistical document creation offered to the business tie-up enterprise.
  • (9) Transmission of e-mail magazine
  • (10) Account calculation and charge claim
  • (11) Publishing of information that user contributed
  • Individual information is appropriately protected according to "Privacy policy", and individual identification is a possible and the one of our company not offered to the third party is individual information. However, it is assumed the one that individual information can be offered described in the following each title.
  • (1) When you obtain the user's agreement
  • (2) When indication is requested by the law etc. or indication is requested in the law procedure like the criminal investigation etc. or the inquiry is received from the official bodies such as the consumer affairs bureau and bar association based on the good cause
  • (3) When you forward user's ordering information to the business tie-up enterprise
  • (4) When it is necessary to provide sending out or service such as commodities
  • (5) When indicating it to the entrepreneur concerning the settlement in the price
  • (6) When you consign all or parts of the business that our company does to the third party
  • (7) When you indicate the person who succeeds the business when the business is succeeded by the amalgamation, the transfer of operations, and other reasons
  • (8) When it is admitted by ordinance of the other ..Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs.. When the user uses this site, our company might use the cookie.

  • Article 7(prohibition act)

    When this site is used, the user assumes the one that do not do the act that each title corresponds to the crab hereafter sooner or later or the act with the fear.
  • (1) Act of possession of purpose of injustice and using this site
  • (2) Act of violating intellectual property rights of our company, business tie-up enterprise, and other third parties' trademark right, copyrights, rights of design, and patents, etc. , portrait rights, publicity rights, and other rights
  • (3) Act of damage of honor or confidence of our company, business tie-up enterprise, and other third parties or involving some invasion of privacy
  • (4) Act of relating to crime of swindle etc.
  • (5) Act of disguise to third party and using this site
  • (6) Act of transmission of harmful program such as computer viruses etc. or offering it or act of recommending it
  • (7) Act of falsification, and deleting our company, business tie-up enterprise, and other third parties' information
  • (8) Act of illegal use of equipment of our company, business tie-up enterprise, and other third parties or giving obstacle to the management
  • (9) Act of violating law, this rule or good public order and customs
  • (10) Act of obstructing management of this site
  • (11) Act judged that other our company is improper The user assumes and when our company suffers some damage by this violating terms, our company assumes the one to be able to make reparation for the injury to the user.

  • Article 8(change in rule)

    The one of our company that it is possible to change is this rule without a prior notification. When this rule is changed, all the matters concerning this site are assumed to be the one by the rule after it changes.
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