USER'S GUIDE : 雪村春樹 縛りの世界, yukimura haruki|The world of Japanese bondage 猿轡 ダウンロード

USER'S GUIDE : 雪村春樹 縛りの世界, yukimura haruki|The world of Japanese bondage 猿轡 ダウンロード
ご利用ガイド   会員登録


Member Regist(free)Method

Please register the input of customer information etc. in the member in the following use to be omissible when you make the account once.

Various notes

Attention before it buys it
Please confirm a free sample is downloaded, and there is no problem in the reproduction, and buy the commodity.
(1)About recommended environment like OS and a browser and PC specs, etc.
OS : Windows2000/XP
CPU : Pentium4/2GHz Recommendation the above
MEMORY SIZE : 256MB or more
VIDEO CARD:Card equipped with 32M memory or more
browser : A browser since InternetExplorer6
Softwear:WindowsMediaPlayer9 or more
###It becomes a support off the subject about trouble that is using Windows Media Player11
Hard disk free space : Free space of 2GByte or more (Respond to the number of download).
###I will assume trouble in the environment that has not been described to be a support off the subject.
(2)About the hard disk space
The hard disk free space about twice file of the download is necessary.
(3)About the Internet connection environment
ADSL/CATV/FTTH(Optical fiber)Those broadband lines are necessary.

From the member registration to log in

(1) Member registration (free of charge)
First of all, the member registration (free of charge) is necessary to use the service of "Haruki Yukimura , the world of japanese bondage".
Please input information necessary for the location of " first coming to a store and unregistration " after clicking a member registration button here.
(2) Filling in of necessary information
Please fill in a necessary matter when the member is registered, and set the password.
(3) "Transmission"
The "Haruki Yukimura , the word of bondage" registration (free of charge) is completed if it clicks on a button.
(4) It informs them of the registration completion with the confirmation e-mail.
I will transmit the mail of the registration completion to customer's e-mail address appropriating filled in for the confirmation.
Please click the log in button when registration is completed.
" person who has account " Please input the password to the place when you register as the e-mail address filled in.
Please click the log in button under that when the input is completed.

Download notes

### Please click the button put in the shopping cart when the downloaded commodity is decided.
Afterwards, please click "Download it" button when it advances on the order procedure screen, and the procedure of the order is completed.
"File downloading" dialog is displayed, and download it to a favorite folder, please pushing "Preservation" button.
Attention in preservation
### Customer who uses Firefox
The dialog screen opens, and click "The file is preserved", please.